Collage FX Studio


Create your own collages using your photos and adding effects


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Collage FX Studio is a complete tool for creating collages of photos that have been personalized with all kinds of effects and creative filters.

The first step in creating a collage is choosing the images you want to add to the final project and inserting them one by one into the editing window. Each image can be rotated, its size modified, or its position changed in relation to the rest.

Plus, the program lets you add transparent mask effects to each of your photos, and lets you choose from among stars, hearts, movie effects, transparencies, and a long etcetera of other effects. You can also add a traditional picture frame to each image, or modify it by retouching the brightness, contrast or saturation.

Collage FX Studio includes a large number of ClipArt’s (over a hundred) that can be freely used in the final project.

The program supports images in JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, WMF, PCX, PNM and TIF formats, and allows you to export the final image in any of these types of files.

The trial version inserts a watermark onto the final image.

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